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Contemporary Offices to Let

The Lincoln Building has been featured in this months’ Commercial Property Monthly 2017.

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What Makes Great Company Culture

Today, having company values and a great company culture is no longer just an option; your workers consider it as important as they do their salary and benefits. While a culture that works for one company might not work or another, here's three companies who are getting it right, giving you food for thought to work on your own.

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TV Licensing

I know many of you enjoyed watching live sporting events which took place during normal office hours over the summer period. However please be aware that due to changes in the law, if your staff or customers are watching or recording live TV on your premises using any device, they must be covered by a TV Licence. Visit or call 0300 790 6167 for more information.

Solar Park Update

Eckland Lodge has successfully signed an agreement with a company called Wirsol to build and run the 3MW Solar Park which we received planning permission for in August 2014. Due to changes in Government subsidies the Park must be built and running by 31st March 2017.

It is planned that sheep will graze in the solar park field to keep it neat and tidy.

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